Gemma and Hayley are Surrey-based professional organisers that run arguably Surrey’s leading home-organisation business, Organise-d

Is sorting your home a New year resolution? After 15 years working in the fast-paced world of fashion, interiors and marketing, the pair decided to leave corporate life behind and work on their passion – creating decluttered, well-designed and destressed home living and office spaces. After years of friendship, Organise-d was born over a glass of wine, and they say they haven’t looked back since.

New year resolution – try the difference

“What sets us apart.” says Gemma, “aside from our passion for the work, is our ability to leave clients with beautiful, functional spaces that are, most importantly, incredibly easy to maintain.”

Organise-d works with clients to design their space according to how they and their families use it. It is most definitely not ‘one size fits all’, tailoring the company’s unique process to its clients’ needs.

Two ladies having a coffee - New year resolution

Hayley and Gemma – founders of Organise_d

From a single room detox

The couple explains, “Clients often ask us to organise one room as a starting point. Once we have detoxed the space, and they have seen how our system of organisation works for them, they are amazed at how much of a difference it makes to their day to day lives.

They often ask us back to help with other spaces that need the Organise-d touch. Our service helps clients declutter, design and de-stress their home or office space, making it work for their needs and enabling them to concentrate on the things that matter most in life.”

Working with others to ‘repurpose’

Organise-d offers a free consultation service in the Surrey, Hampshire and London areas. The company ensures that any unwanted clothing is put to good use and works closely with Get Worn, another local Surrey business that ensures items are reused, refurbished and repurposed.

Donations are then given to Smart Works, helping women get back into the workplace.


You can get in touch with Gemma and Hayley at [email protected]

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This article appears in the winter edition of Premier Magazine