Pebble and the Boy – which appears in cinemas from Friday (27th August) is a third-generation-mod road movie that comes with all those predictable ingredients that you would expect .. vintage scooters, rockers, Brighton beach, even a hint towards Modfather Paul Weller’s hometown of good old Woking (hurrah!) thrown in for good measure. 

Patrick McNamee and Sacha Parkinson put in good performances in the lead roles

Patrick McNamee and Sacha Parkinson put in good performances in the lead roles

Chris Green’s Pebble and the Boy, starring Patrick McNamee and Sacha Parkinson in the lead roles, is a son’s journey of discovery about the life of his recently demised father starts with a mod funeral in Manchester and ends with the delivery of his ashes from the Palace Pier.

Although laced with somewhat predictable scenarios along the way – the feisty accomplice, scary looking bikers, initial reluctant dancing, teenage fisticuffs, and mis-understandings (even Patsy Kensit in a brief Mrs Robinson, Graduate moment) the plot slowly reveals twists and turns of his father’s life back in the second mod era of the late 70s / early 80s. So don’t expect The Who, instead the soundtrack is Weller-influenced featuring, The Jam, Style Council plus Secret Affair, The Chords etc.

This said, some of the cinematography is distinctly Quadraphenia.. but I guess it’s hard not to be in Brighton – especially when the scenes are liberally dotted with Lambrettas, Fred Perry and Parkas. 

Some scooter boys, purists and hard bitten cynics of 21st century life may find the need to suspend reality just occasionally in this fast moving coming of age picture and go with the flow as it heads towards the inevitable. And performances from both McNamee and Parkinson are very good.

But perfectly timed for the bank holiday – traditionally the annual mod pilgrimage to the seaside town, although I don’t think it is likely to acquire the classic status of the aforementioned Who movie, for those of a certain age (or a certain musical taste) it’s definitely worth a watch.

See the trailer HERE

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