This stunning and unique vintage swivel globe chair is just one example of the items on – the website founded by Catherine Cornelissen who firmly believes that ‘your home should tell the story of you through the pieces you source over a lifetime’.

The Igloo Pod swivel globe chair has long-haired Icelandic sheepskin and padded seating

The Igloo Pod swivel globe chair has long-haired Icelandic sheepskin and padded seating

Totally redesigned and wrapped in the finest English grey leather this chic swivel globe chair chair would make a focal point for any room. And it really allows you to be really cocooned inside with it’s matching long-haired Icelandic sheepskin and padded seating.

Surely this is the perfect chair to curl up in on a cold winter’s night? And of course kids will love it too!

A passion for a design, and experience with one of Chelsea’s finest

Catherine Cornelissen grew up visiting museums and reading any interior design magazine she could get her hands on. She went on to study at Christie’s Education and Sotheby’s Institute in London.

Her passion for design, textiles and art grew when she worked for David Gill Gallery and a well-known Chelsea-based interior designer. Catherine launched Decoralist in 2016 to put this passion into practise to help people curate homes they love.

Everything  on Decoralist has been carefully curated from our trusted and global network of designers and artists.

Travel influenced creativity

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Catherine had the opportunity to live in a handful of different cities from a young age and honed in on the concept that your home should be a unique place that truly reflects you and no one else. ‘There are no rules’ she says.

In particular, Catherine loves understanding how experiences shape the lives of artists and designers, and subsequently, seeing how this is visually represented in beautifully designed pieces for the home.

The globe chair is priced at £3,495. More details can be viewed HERE

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