Re-imagining a period property for contemporary life. Perhaps it is one of the greatest and most satisfying challenges you can undertake..

To some, it may seem daunting, but not for Figura. This is a company of designers and craftsmen whose showroom nestles in the very heart of picturesque period property land – deep in the Surrey hills. For them remodelling such dwellings for modern life, without compromising their historic charm or value is something of a speciality.
A bespoke, sympathetically restored period interior from Figura's portfolio

A bespoke, sympathetically restored period interior from Figura’s portfolio

Figura says that at the centre of all its work is design and vision. And as period buildings seem to delight in never being totally straightforward. You won’t be surprised to learn that they are expert problem-solvers too.

So unconstrained by preconceived ideas, the company is able to bring to each project is unique. Its commitment is to creating rooms and homes that are both elegant and practical for family life.


As a small local company, boasting a 30-year heritage of experience and expertise, Figura is recognised for inspired design, beautiful craftsmanship and very personal service. “We are committed to delivering projects which are managed efficiently and delivered with a service that includes the highest levels of craftsmanship,” says founder Giles Slater.
“Every project starts with lots of conversations to gain a real understanding of the life of a house and its family, to create a vision that we can bring to life. And it’s an approach we have followed for over three decades because we believe practical, elegant, comfortable homes are only possible with vision, design and a true understanding of their purpose.”

Relationships are highly valued

Providing high-end construction services, Figura’s project portfolio ranges from single rooms to whole house projects.
Figura’s project portfolio ranges from single rooms to whole house projects

Figura’s projects range from single rooms to whole house projects

“We carefully select and bring together an excellent team of craftsmen and suppliers and manage the project from start to finish,” says Giles, who also stresses that great importance is put on the value of long-term relationships. Not only with clients, but with subcontractors and suppliers.

“This fosters an environment of collaboration and trust,” he adds. Working only with a handful of clients at one time, his company builds close connections which enables it to better manage every part of the process and his team.

From design to completion

Giles concludes, “We are experts in design services and we cover the full span of a renovation project. From creative design, interior architecture and spatial planning through to the planning process, building services, interior styling and installation.
So clients can engage us for everything from a single room to an entire project. And it’s through vision and collaboration that we help to bring their dream homes, especially those period country properties, to life.”
Figura’s appointment only showroom at located at The Old Bakery, The Green, Chiddingfold, Surrey GU8 4TU
Tel: 01428 686500
This article appears in the winter edition of Premier Magazine