Summer is looming, but even if there are just weeks to go before the swimsuit weather arrives, thanks to science it’s still not too late to get your body in shape – and here are 2 ways to turbocharge weight loss & toning

Absolutely convenient. Joanna can bring the EMS training and Cryotherapy right to her customers

Absolutely convenient. Joanna can bring the EMS training and Cryotherapy right to her customers if required

Lockdown has not been kind to many a waistline, especially during winter when our bodies naturally crave high-caloric, high-carbohydrate comfort food. But with spring, and a gradual easing of Covid restrictions on the way, thoughts may be turning to getting yourself back into beachwear shape, and fast!

The good news is that even if you only have limited free time (and even limited self motivation!) it is still possible to turbocharge your way back towards a toned, healthy body – thanks to electricity, science, and a personal trainer called Joanna.





EMS training

EMS training gives the benefits of a three hour gym workout in just 2 x 20 minutes a week

The first of the 2 ways to turbocharge weight loss is Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) – which is the state-of-the-art training equipment once found only within the treatment rooms of elite sports clubs but now available to everyone via a select few specially qualified instructors. Its high effectiveness is down to how it delivers electrical impulses to various muscle groups during a 20-minute workout – causing them to contract and work much harder, without you even realising.

Same benefits of a three-hour gym workout in just 2 x 20 minute sessions

It means that in just two 20-minute sessions a week, even the least energetic will achieve what would usually take three hours in a gym, making it ideal for those with busy lives. And even more music to the ears of those who either don’t have the time or inclination to go to what they might feel to the intimidating environment of a gym, is that with Walton-based qualified EMS trainer Joanna Gronkowska, it is a one-to-one session. It is also specifically geared to targeting your particular goals, whether that is weight loss, body toning, a six-pack or perhaps a more pert bottom. EMS benefits in all kinds of ways, from building muscle and rebalancing the muscular system through to improving posture and relieving joints. And it is suitable for all age groups – Joanna’s clients include some well into their 70s.

Achieving results conveniently; technology and expertise come to you

What’s more, because the special X-Body equipment is completely portable, if clients cannot get to Joanna’s home studio, it is usually possible to bring the training to them instead. People commonly see visible benefits within just 5 sessions, but a series of 10 is recommended, and prices start from just £35 per session.



Cryotherapy – the cool treatment that has taken the US by storm

Cryotherapy gives instant results

Cryotherapy gives instant results

Cryotherapy is a treatment where the body’s soft tissues are exposed to extremely cold temperatures to destroy fat cells in a process called “Cryo-Lipolysis”. The fat cells die and pass naturally through your lymphatic system over the weeks post treatment. The body is firmed and contoured giving you a slim appearance after just the first treatment.

Joanna is excited to be adding this new ground-breaking treatment as an option to go with or separately to her existing EMS offering… and it is officially launched on Friday (30th April) when she will be giving the chance to demonstrate how it works.

Joanna is based in Walton on Thames and booking a 30-minute introductory slot of this state of the art treatment with Joanna is easy; call 07849 279384 or email [email protected]



Before and after photos of Cryotherapy benefits

Lose inches instantly!

The ice cold temperature cause Cryo-Lipolysis or fat cell suicide – safely breaking down the fat cells which are permanently removed from the body.

The areas that can be treated are: • Stomach • Arms • Waist (Love handles) • Hips • Thighs • Glutes/Cellulite • Jaw line/Neck • Back

Reduce wrinkles

Controlled cryotherapy is able to repair the basal cell layer in your skin to restore the supply of collagen, elastin and hydration to regain a smoother, tighter appearance.

Other benefits include:

Cryo helps targeting injured muscle tissue and relieve the systematic inflammation of the treatment area. It is also excellent for increasing focus, attention, energy and mood.

Treatments by Joanna

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For details about the launch or about EMS & Cryotherapy in general telephone: 07849 279384

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The article about EMS Training appeared in our spring edition which can be viewed online HERE