Consider adding the modern style and texture of concrete into your garden seating and entertaining areas as an alternative to the more traditional furniture…

An outdoor kitchen with ‘floating’ BBQ – crafted in concrete by

Surrey company Salmon Pink Concrete were inspired by the contemporary designs and fabulous indoor and outdoor living spaces found in Australia and the US.  They are now on a mission to design and create similar modern concrete furniture of the finest quality for the UK market.


Being manufactured locally allows the company full control of the fabrication and moulding process.

Style combines with durability in Salmon Pink’s work because it specialises in pieces that combine concrete with steel or timber.

Outdoor concrete and oak benches

Craftsmanship in concrete

Salmon Pink says it favours a clean and simple aesthetic. It works with skilled concrete artisans to create something a bit different for UK homes and gardens.

For example unique dining tables and benches, outdoor kitchens than complement your garden space. Also firepit supports and seating surrounds that help bring family and friends together.

Artisan concrete is handcrafted, polished and sealed to be resistant to both extreme temperatures and, most importantly where we live, rain. Concrete prepared in this way is scratch resistant, UV stable and a hygienic surface for food.

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