The annual resolution-making for the New Year can bring relationships to the forefront of the mind. If you are looking to change your relationship status in 2020 then Hayley Bystram, Matchmaker and Founder of the Bowes-Lyon Partnership has a few tips to help you embark on your dating journey.

1. Prioritise You

If you put yourself, and a potential relationship, to the bottom of your list, it simply won’t get done. You deserve to have someone to share your life with, and you deserve to go higher up on your ‘To-Do list’. Make yourself and your happiness a priority for 2020.

2. Be Proactive

As we get older, our social and working circles can often get smaller, and our opportunities to meet new people seem to be few and far between. Rather than waiting for fate to lend a hand, take proactive action to increase your chance of finding a prospective partner. Personal introductions, through a professional matchmaker, are a discreet and safe way to meet high-calibre, like-minded people that you probably wouldn’t cross paths with in your everyday life.

3. Be Open

There is a tendency, as we get older, to become more restrictive about who we will date. A potential partner must meet certain, but often arbitrary, criteria. Yet, when the elusive spark or chemistry is present between two people, that list of criteria pales into insignificance. Be open to meeting someone who is not quite what you were imagining, and look beyond your usual ‘type’. This is where life gets exciting.

4. Say Yes

The unknown is daunting and we often talk ourselves out of things we feel unsure about. Experiment with saying yes, before you think of all the reasons to say no. Say yes to that date-offer, or yes to that opportunity that has come your way. If you don’t broaden your horizons and open your mind, then things will stay the same. Take positive and decisive action and say yes to new things.

5. Have Fun!

Meeting new and interesting people is fun. If you approach dating with a sense of enjoyment and positivity, then you will increase your chances of meeting your ideal partner.

Hayley Bystram, Matchmaker and Founder of the Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Hayley Bystram, Matchmaker and Founder of the Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Hayley Bystram is MD and founder of Bowes-Lyon Partnership, an elite matchmaking agency with offices in Mayfair and Godalming. As a leading dating and relationship expert, Hayley specialises in bringing together eligible and accomplished individuals, who are looking for a committed and meaningful relationship. Founded in 2009, the agency has helped to create many long-term relationships, marriages and babies. If you would like some advice from Hayley and her team of matchmakers call 01483 418958 to have a friendly informal chat, or email [email protected] The Bowes-Lyon Partnership website can be viewed HERE.

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